A Christian Coaching Guidebook

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How to Come Alongside Others For Ministry Results is the subtitle. It is also the value of the book. 

How might your ministry results compare with your original hopes and dreams? Have you ever experienced less than positive outcomes from your sincere desires to help others? In A Christian Coaching Guidebook, Scott breaks down the ways in which you can come alongside others. He compares more traditional helping skills with coaching and gives the reasons why coaching can be the real difference for you in your ministry. Then after describing why coaching works he shows how one can use it to bring new insights and fresh thinking that translates into concrete actions. He shares numerous practical lessons and resources including what he calls a “ministry coaching pathway.” It is a coaching model that can be used to coach others for their personal development from beginner to leader. The book is written in question and answer format and divided into three sections: What is Coaching? How Does Coaching Work? And How Can Coaching Be Used To Come Alongside Others For Ministry Results? Taken together this is the guidebook that will be referred to often for those who want to serve and support others and come alongside them for ministry results.

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A Christian Coaching Guidebook

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